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Online Consultation

Patients need to initiate the online consultation on phone / WhatsApp directly at the scheduled Appointment date and time.

** Appointments are subject to availability. Your appointment confirmation/cancellation will be notified by sms or phone call.

Disclaimer: I understand that, since I am initiating this Tele-Medicine consultation/online consultation my consent for the same stands implied. I understand the limitation in ‘Tele consultation/online consultation’ as compared to ‘in person consultation’. The mode or time can be changed on informing as needed for better understanding by my consulting Medical Practitioner.

I will willingly share the information about medication, health status or history of the same to the Doctor additional to what has been shared earlier as needed. I request and authorize the Doctor for advising any necessary treatment, medications or practices to improve my medical health condition in the best judgment of the Medical Practitioner.

I am aware that the same mobile number as provided in filling the form will be used for consultation as provided. Also the conversation or any other details may be kept for records. The consultation booked will not be transferrable and limited to single person.